Dave Grogan is an avid Civil, Human, and children’s Rights advocate. He is a graduate of Oxon Hill High School and Bowie State University (BSU) where he was a stellar student-athlete as a football player. Immediately following his high school graduation Dave traveled to Paris Island to join the United States Marine Corps where he served 6 years as an active reservist. He is a very proud United States Marine Veteran.
While in college Dave majored in Sociology with a minor in Criminal Justice. He began a Federal Law Enforcement career while serving as a BSU Cooperative Education student (Coop). Dave also served as a “Stay-in-School Student” with the United States Secret Service. Dave began recruiting students for both Federal Law Enforcement agencies as a student and continues 30+ years later. He currently also informally recruits Corporate Security professionals.
During his Law Enforcement career, Dave was one the managerial facilitators of the elite Federal Witness Protection Program which also encompassed Presidential, Executive, & Dignitary Protection. He has successfully vetted hundreds of mafias and their family members. David was also the supervisor of the exclusive Capital Area Regional Fugitive Task Force during the latter years of his law enforcement career. Dave has managed local, state and federal law enforcement agents and officers.
After 25 years of distinguished services, Dave retired June/2013 from the Department of Justice United States Marshal Service as a Supervisory Deputy United States Marshal. Post-retirement Dave immediately began a 2nd career in Corporate Security which he is well established as a Corporate Security Professional managing numerous nearly 100-million-dollar Armed Protective Service Officer Federal government contracts. Dave also has an extensive background in mental health where he served as the Vice President for Government Relations for Interdynamics Inc. which is a behavioral health firm in Prince George’s County.
Dave is a die-heart Civil & Human Rights advocate. Most notably the named Plaintiff in a $300,000,000 Race Discrimination Class Action lawsuit against the Department of Justice United States Marshal Service http://www.nbcnews.com/id/27200752/ns/us_news-life/t/black-y-accuse-us-marshals-bias/ Dave is an outspoken Law Enforcement or Public Safety, expert!
He is a very strong advocate and a community leader who happens to also be a Professional Health, Wellness, Fitness professional, and Nutrition consultant. He was appointed and recently served 2-terms on the City of Bowie Education Committee. Dave is currently an active member of 100 Southern Christian Leadership Conference, League of Women Voters Prince George’s County Chapter, Moms, NAACP Prince Georges Chapter, Moms Demand Action against gun violence, and a core member of the Caucus of African American Leaders.
Dave always makes himself available for speaking engagements.

I have a dream that someday we have the strength to do whatever it takes to make our communities safe again. We have to get back to basic community Policing! I believe that it starts with hiring within our communities. I believe we must create and expand opportunities for young people! We must embrace effective Cadet, Coop, & Internship programs for our young people! - David Grogan, Candidate for Prince George’s County Sheriff
We must identify those many, many young people of strong moral character, which has been instilled in them by their parents and their families. Then we must fully train these individuals and continue to offer opportunities for continuous growth & development for our youth and our communities.

  • Recruiting and hiring within the community is the basis for effective “Community Policing”!
  •  Anything outside of that is politically driven, doesn’t appropriately serve the community, and breeds government sponsored police brutality. We can do better! Our children’s and the next generation deserve better. Their future matters!! 
  • Create a Sheriff's Department Office of Integrity and Professional Responsibility
  • Accountability and Transparency over PGPD and Municipal Police Departments
  • Create a Sheriff Department Duty Threat Develop Internships, Cooperative Education, and Cadet Programs
  • Matrix To Prioritize Solving and Preventing Violent Crime
  • Expand the positive visibility role of the Deputy Sheriff by providing crossing guard support for our schools and our most dangerous roads
  • Ensure resources are allocated to maximize road and pedestrian safety, including sidewalks and traffic lights
  • Professionalize and convert the School Resources Officers (SROs) Program to School Resource Agents
  • Ensuring residents have maximum information and awareness of impending evictions
  • Restructure the vetting and hiring and promotional processes

Donation Amount

Dave knows that through teamwork, greater things are accomplished than by one person alone. The Grogan for Sheriff Team relies solely  on volunteer support and he wants your help to continue his successful mission to improve Prince George's County. The election of the county sheriff is often decided by only a handful of votes. Even a single vote can make the difference between victory and defeat. As our voluntee team grows, we can engage more voters. As we engage more voters, our volunteer team will grow. With a dedicated group of volunteers, we stop being a campaign... WE become a Movement!


  •  2/13/2022 05:00 AM - 2/13/2022 10:00 PM
  •   14745 Main Street, Upper Marlboro, MD, USA

Come Out and Join Team Grogan for SuperBowl Party with A Purpose.....

  •  2/6/2022 02:00 PM - 2/6/2022 05:00 PM
  •   6200 Auth Road

The Grogan Team NEEDS YOU! Please Join our Volunteer Rally to learn how we can help Dave get elected as our next Prince George's County Sheriff on June 28th. Face masks are required for attendance. If you are unable to join in person, we would appreciate your attendance via Zoom.

  •  11/18/2021 06:00 PM
  •   6400 Oxon Hill Road, Oxon Hill, MD, USA

Join The Grogan for Sheriff Team in Oxon Hill for Kick Off Meet & Greet!

Dave wants to be as accessible as humanly possible, both during the campaign and after he is elected Sheriff. If you need to contact the Grogan for Sheriff campaign team or have comments and suggestions about our campaign, we would love to hear from you. Please call us at 301.651.9178


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